Pricing and Scheduling

Home Inspection Pricing:

Home inspection pricing is based on the type and size of the property being inspected. Single family residence pricing is as follows: (Condominiums and Townhouses in multi-unit buildings receive a $35 discount. Crawlspace inspection is $35 additional.)

Under 900 sq ft:     $295.00

900-1500 sq ft:      $325.00

1501-2000 sq ft:      $355.00

2001-3000 sq ft:      $375.00

3001-4000 sq ft:      $425.00

4001-4500 sq ft:      $500.00

4501-5500 sq ft:      $575.00

5501-6000 sq ft:      $650.00

Over 6000 sq ft:      $725.00


Schedule Your Inspection Now:

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Our fantastic pricing is no secret! Inspections start at $275, and are based on the type and size of the property. You can get your price fast, and even schedule your inspection online!